What is Responsive Design?

Visitors experience optimum viewing of your website from all devices.

Responsive design scales your website in a manner that allows unfettered viewing on any device, regardless of screen size. Unlike mobile design, which requires you to have a separate website, responsive design uses your single website in a way that scales the site to fit the device that is being used to access it.

Today, more than 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. In order to capture this market of users, websites must be developed to accommodate them. Axsen is at the forefront of this technology and offers you responsive design to optimize your website.

With responsive design, you have one website which is viewed according to scale on all devices. Users do nothing. They find your site, view, scroll and read without having to make any adaptation.


  • Cost-effective in that you need only maintain a single website
  • Quality views of your website by users from all devices
  • Mobile friendly website increases traffic
  • Make use of technology that puts you ahead of the competition

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